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Forum » Games » [PC] F1 challenge
[PC] F1 challenge

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R-B Bericht Geplaatst op 15-08-2003 Reageer met quote
Enthousiast lid

Sinds 20 juni is het vijfde deel in de F1 serie van EA in Nederland te koop. De naam is F1 Challenge 99-02, en het spel bevat de vier complete seizoenen 1999-2002
Het is tevens de (voorlopig) laatste F1 titel van EA.

Alle features op een rijtje:



-Robust cheating detection
-Ability to manually set the grid order
-Game passwording
-Names, pings as well as "lost connection" tags
-Cursor is on text line automatically when entering the chat room
-Client join bug fix (which prevented users rejoining a game which has been advanced in session)


-Much improved and newly designed physics
-New damage code (configurable in damage.ini file)
-Ability to view other cars from T-cam
-Monitor (or live feed) in options
-Replays play smoothly
-Working formation lap (set in player file - recon lap is fully functional only in multiplayer)
-Improved blue flag:
blue flag is granted based on time difference between cars (thus at low speed corners the cars can be pretty close yet blue flag will not be presented as the gap in time is sufficient to allow that lapping car to continue with its racing speed).
Blue flag in qualification session - a car in an out lap will get a blue flag if a car on a flying lap approaches.
-LCD improvements:
Tire temperature and oil and engine temp viewable in the wheel's LCD
Player file entry to display sector gap to leader rather than self on LCD
Configurable LCD pages (what you want to view) - ie. you can remove driving aids page
-Adjustable head turn in or "look ahead" for cornering (separate from glance)
-Adjustable head physics
-Grid girls hold number/flag signs to assist lining up for the formation lap
-All new track cameras based on real coverage
-Some new force feedback values
-Neutral button
-Rear wing can be fixed at the expense of a longer pit
-Player file offset for fuel so you could pit at planned lap yet have extra fuel based on the setting
-Delay in pits for notifying the crew too late
-Pit crew will restart your car in the pits
-Player file entry to turn off commentary while loading track
-Support for head tracking devices
-Ability to override auto-shifting
-Stats recorded to a text file after a race or practice (must be set to on in the plr file)

FOR MODS: headlight button bind, horn button bind, bind for each gear (for shifter). Support for analog gauges, night-to-dawn lighting capability & more

-Improved AI - completely new pathing driven by Doug Arnao from SimBin
-AI use more of real physics - tire wear as well as grip limitation
-Better AI race starts
-AI will slow and move over for blue flags


-All newly and highly modelled and painted F1 Cars from 4 seasons
-Tracks with yearly changes - ads and geometry updated
-New skies
-Variable session to session,
-Players display the same skies in multi
-Support for 1000 sunny skies, 1000 rainy
-Player file entry for making sky appear closer as you drive toward it
-View other teams' pit crew when on full pit detail
-Grab screenshots from replay
-Closed pit garages in test day or race for teams that do not participate
-Viewable rear car/wing in mirrors (configurable)
-New rain and increased angling
-New rain spray
-New weather lighting & extended fog values


-All new vehicle sounds
-New custom internals
-New externals (only McLaren 99-01 is custom)
-New sound physics:
-New stereo sound separation programming - put a wheel off to left side, or scrub left tires, the sounds come from that side, etc (used to be stereo).

-New attenuation parameters allow engines to be heard from further away, and ramp up to max volume in a more realistic fashion. Engines will no longer just suddenly appear - cutting in. They ramp up into audible range smoothly. On many tracks you will hear cars on the other side of the track in places, if you're in the pits, or are stalled trackside.

-Changing the sound of "other cars" in your player file now affects all the sounds a car can make, not just affecting the engines (which used to require you to manually edit sound files)

-Sounds will no longer cut out in heavy traffic as before
-Control in the options for how many sounds you can play at once. The old default value was 12. Now you can play up to 32 at once (or more if you so desire by setting it in your player file)
-Player file multiplier for volume level of player car
-Player file multiplier for volume level of traction control
-New Sounds:
-Dynamic internal and external traction control sounds
-Pit horn
-Wind noise
-Many updated sounds for rest of sound experience

Screenshots PC versie:


Meer screenshots

Grafisch is het een kleine verbetering ten opzichte van F1-2002. Verder dus o.a. sterk verbeterde physics, traction control geluiden en een betere netcode.
Een belangrijke reden van het succes van F1-2002 waren/zijn de vele mods. Ook voor deze titel zijn alweer een aantal zeer veelbelovende mods gepland :)

De belangrijkste aangekondigde mods voor F1 Challenge 99-02:

3,5l Group C/IMSA GTP - virtua_LM

Image Image

F1 1977 - SBDT

Image Image

GTX5 - virtua_LM

Image Image

Le Mans 99 - virtua_LM

Image Image

Sports Car Racing - RSDG

Image Image

World Sports Cars 60-80's - SBDT

Image Image


Uitgever: EA Sports
Ontwikkelaar: ISI

Zet hier je rondetijden en al je vrage neer :)

MeDieViL Bericht Geplaatst op 15-08-2003 Reageer met quote
Senior lid
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Forum » Games » [PC] F1 challenge

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